Goodbye, Snow

It’s cold. It’s so cold. It doesn’t take long for your face to become an icicle in this frigid Ohio air. Although the temperature is low, morale is high; the Miami University Men’s Glee Club is on their first day of tour! As we all culminate in Presser 222, our usual practice room, people mingle about and ask the classic:

“How was your break?” 

“It was good! And yours?"

“It was fine.”

And so on until it was time to break into rehearsal. It felt good to brush off the cobwebs and sing some old songs from previous concerts. We ran through a good amount of songs and then went through tour procedure. After a shuttle over to Millet, we were off. Well, we were on the bus waiting impatiently…

Casey Wood says, “We have to do attendance.”

“BOOO,” everyone chimes in from the back.

Apparently it’s tradition to be apart of the ‘Piss and Moan’ club if you sit in the back. It’s a seniority thing.

As Casey went through the list, he was met with melodramatic or comical responses as the roll call went on. Everyone did their best to upset Casey as he went through the names. Casey met it with cutting most people off as howls of laughter could be heard throughout the entire bus. Out of nowhere, Harry Fox is missing. We all look around and make some jokes as to why he is late.

As we wait, we’re met with a special guest. Dr. Jones walks on the bus with his daughter. He informs the bus that our job is to bring her home an alligator under the bus. Dr. Jones makes sure she agrees. She looks at us with a small shake of her heard and buries her face in Dr. Jones’s shoulder. We all laugh at the cuteness.

And then, out of nowhere, Harry Fox turns to me and says, “Is this seat taken?”

As we move along this drab, snowy interstate, bus one gets into an intense discussion about all things nerdy: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pixar, you name it. We found out that most people are Ravenclaws and that most people have something to complain about in the Star Wars series. You can feel the bonding. It’s a time where most people are putting down their guards and contributing to the conversation. The jokes are getting raunchier and people are starting to tease each other. It’s a great vibe.

Whenever someone stands up, they’re met with jabs about sitting down. That eventually turned into a group effort to make noise. For example, someone stands up and all you hear is, “MEEEHHHHHHHHH” until they sit down. It sounds like a bee buzzing swiftly towards you.

The Glee Club performance took place in a Methodist church in Dayton. It was our first performance in quite some time, but it was still a show the audience enjoyed. it really is true that the audience can’t tell when a mistake happens.

We finished the night with our respective home-stays, where generous hosts take in clubbers, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first one. Jack and Arlene Akerman were wonderful, and I learned so much about their pasts. They told us a story about how their name always gets misspelled and mispronounced, so I want to clarify that it is pronounced like acre. Jack Andersen was my roommate. Even though I’ve met most people in club, I met Jack for the first time last night. Arlene made a joke about how ’tough’ it was going to be to remember Jack considering it was the name of her husband. It’s astounding how complete strangers can come together over music. I know more great things are to come. Until tomorrow.


Andrew Kondik, copywriter