Greetings from Florida

With half-open and crusty eyes, junior Jack Andersen and I made it back to the group after a night of home-stays in Kettering. Everyone on the bus was running around like they all drank a pot of coffee. Jokes were flying and people were comparing their home-stays. 

Finally, we started to move. As we started shuffling along, one of the overhead doors was open. Eric Moenich started to make a low hum that sounded eerily similar to that bee noise we heard yesterday.

“MEEEEHHHHHHH” permeated throughout the bus by myriad clubbers. It started to spread like an epidemic. Don’t get me wrong; it was hilarious. The light mood was appropriate and nice this early.

As we drive, we pass a Flowerama. It’s some sort of floral shop. It was definitely closed this early in the morning.

“I like how they have two open signs: open and FUNERAL” Ryan Fry said. The response was met with laughter.

Laughter is heard throughout the bus on many occasions that morning. I could share the jokes, but I’d be typing all morning. 

After a two-hour drive, we made it to the airport. After checking our bags and making it through the arduous TSA checkpoint, we all boarded the plane, and we heard a small voice come on the intercom.

“Jeremy, would you come to the front of the plane?”

Dr. Jones moved to the front of the plane and the Glee Club lost it. Hoots and howls erupted from the entire plane. Dr. Jones went ahead and introduced the Glee Club, and then we went ahead and sang the first verse of Brother, Sing On!

The flight attendants pulled out their phones and we were met with a round of applause. What a great feeling. To top it off, they also gave special mention to junior Alexander Owens due to his upcoming assignment as an officer in the military. He even got a Junior Pilot’s hat. What a great moment to watch.

I started to doze off on the plane. I was playing some music on my phone, and then I heard a voice as I slowly reentered reality.

“Do you want some peanuts?” The voice says.

Could it be? It’s Kevin Krumpack and Charlie Rumsey! They somehow ended up passing out peanuts on the plane. I would have never guessed. It was a surreal experience. It was like it was our plane.

We then hit turbulence. The plane shook violently as people scrambled back to their seats. As I typed this line, my fingers were being tossed off the keyboard. The flight attendant looked with a stoic demeanor down the aisle. You would think we lost power to the engine or something. It was over shortly after.

“Okay everyone, the Men’s Glee Club is going to sing one more song for everyone” Dr. Jones states over the sound system.

The group sings the Fight Song with, of course, the flight attendant groupies taking more videos to show their suburban, housewife friends. 

We made it to the airport. It felt good to be on the ground again.

On the bus, I played my first game of Mafia. That game is awesome. I was the sheriff the first time around, and I accidentally told everyone on the first round who I was (a bad idea). When the moderator told the townspeople to wake up, I ended up showing my inexperience.

“Am I a townsperson?” I said while being met with howls of laughter. 

That’s essentially like asking if the sky is blue. Freshman Brandon Klein was eliminated first, and apparently he was eliminated first every game. He wanted me to make sure that his losing streak ended up in the blog post. The townspeople, my team, won the match, and I found out I love Mafia.

We check into our hotel rooms, and then we head out to our first concert venue. Our first concert in Florida is about to commence, and I’m stoked. I’m also glad I got some sleep the previous night.

We arrived at our first destination: The Villages. It was a serene, gold-plated retirement home with calming elevator music in the background. While there wasn’t actually elevator music playing, it could have been and no one would have questioned it. We entered the lobby. There were a plethora of lounge lizards sitting around enjoying their golden years. They were pleased to see some young faces. Everyone was looking at us like we were about to bring them Christmas presents. It wasn't an uncomfortable feeling by any means, and they seemed to be happy that there was a break from their routine.

We sang our concert set, and it went very well. It was definitely better than last night. Not that last night was bad, but tonight we were in our element; we had the entrances, tempo, and tonality down to a point. I ended up talking to over thirty seniors, and I was met with a flood of compliments about our group. It was a definite ego stroke.

We then got back on the bus. The air felt as if it were a cool summer night. I had to shake myself and remember that this was not Ohio. That bus ride back was one of the most open discussion sessions we have had as a bus. People starting telling their  fears, aspirations, and hopes in a way that wasn’t present before. The more time we spent together, the deeper our bond grew.

It’s amazing where life can take you. A few months ago I didn’t even know there was a Glee Club. Now, I’m here running around with white gloves on making instrument gestures and belting harmonies. Until Tomorrow.


Andrew Kondik, copywriter