A Storm's a Brewin'

Day four. This day was a very rainy day. I don’t say that lightly. It was pouring. I ate breakfast with Dennis Dudley, and we had a conversation about the subjunctive in German and Spanish. Exciting, I know.

“Okay guys, we have another gag gift.” Casey Wood said from the bus intercom.

“GAG….GIFT…GAG…GIFT…GAG…GIFT” Everyone chanted with hints of groupthink.

Kevin Krause got a pink recorder from the dollar store. We all cheered. Ryan told him if he snores again, he will shove it somewhere not very pretty. Erich Moenich burps vigorously.

“Mmm tastes like a doctor’s office.” he pondered.

“And the crowd goes mild!” Evan Jones replies wittingly.

We arrive at a Miami mall…. area. I don’t really know how to describe it. There were a variety of inside shops passing out free samples. As we walked through the shopping plaza, we came to a marina. White boats bobbed back and forth across the gently moving water. The sky was completely gray, and a storm appeared to be brewing. 

“Should we go to the Hard Rock Cafe?” Someone said.

“I’d get on that boat.” David Black jokes.

As we’re leaving the restaurant, we walk along the coast. Out of nowhere, rain started pouring. We ran, ironically enough, to a running-shoes store, and we ended up back in the free sample area. 

“It’s like mother nature is on her period.” Ryan Fry commented.

Brandon Klein and I took advantage and walked around looking for free samples. We left with a handful of toothpicks and no shame. We then all ended up back on the bus.

“We got a little wet.” I said to Tony the bus driver. He laughed roaringly.

“THREE WORD CHANTS. THREE WORD CHANTS. THREE WORD CHANTS” Everyone screamed. The groupthink was growing. 

Next, we did a concert at Miami Beach Community Church. This was a different type of crowd; we left the doors open and people just wandered in from the streets. Overall, about sixty people found their way into the venue over the entire show. People were really digging it, and the weather was perfect. It was the type of weather that is the stuff of paradise. Was it Winter? I couldn’t tell.

Everyone sang songs from the previous year (not including the new guys) after the show in the empty church hall. Their voices filled every inch of the church, and the sound bounced off the walls with a harmonic grace unrivaled at other events. It was like listening to a soundtrack. Those people who ended up just walking by were lucky souls.

After the show, Ryan Anderson was selling coffee and mugs for the Glee Club, and a man from the audience came up to him.

“I’m from the Netherlands on vacation, and I heard you guys singing from the street. I had to come inside and sit down because I thought your singing was so beautiful. If i’m anywhere where you guys are singing, I’ll be sure to see you guys again.”

He stayed for half of the concert and came in during Creator Alme Siderum. He was moved to the core from our music. Leave it to the Glee Club to inspire.

Until tomorrow.


Andrew Kondik, copywriter