Gator Time

Day five. Today was a free day, but it didn’t mean the Glee Club had nothing to do. We went to an alligator farm. There was a pungent smell from the livestock, and wooden fences concealed the area. We entered the farm, and we went to a show that was put on by a rough-looking man who had some scars from his gator battles.

The first show he put on for us, by himself mind you, was snake related. He gave us some general information about the difference between snakes; he also told us the difference between poison and venom. Poison has to be ingested and venom has to come in contact with your blood. There is no such thing as a poisonous snake. After the show, we all took pictures holding some harmless snakes.

We then went on an airboat ride. Our driver was actually quite comical, and he was making jokes about people losing limbs to the alligators throughout the ride. The noise was so loud from the fan that we were required to wear ear protection. Most of us got wet, and the driver did some spins to spice things up. I was surprised at how brown the water would become when he would spin the boat; it was a nice aqua color, and then out of nowhere, it would turn this mud-ridden hue only to return to its natural state seconds later.

Around noon, there was an alligator feeding. A man who looked surprisingly like Nathan Callender, I mean the resemblance was uncanny, fed all of the alligators with pieces of raw meat. They seemed to be mostly uninterested in the scraps, and they would waddle nonchalantly as he threw some small pieces. At the end of the feeding, he pulled out a huge piece of meat. The alligators all went into action trying to grab this jackpot. They were literally crawling over each other to get to this large hunk of protein. Eventually, one of the alligators claimed the prize and darted as far away from the others as it could swallowing the food in a few gulps.

After the feeding, we went back to the battle-scarred man for a final show. This time, the show was crocodile based. This dude was crazy. He opened the jaw of an alligator with his neck, and he held his arms out as if he were mimicking a crucifixion. He would then jolt his head back as we all watched in delightful horror as the alligator’s mouth would snap together at lightning speed while the man would escape unharmed. We then all took turns taking pictures holding baby alligators with their mouths taped shut.

After the alligator farm, we went back to the hotel. Most of us went downtown to the River District in Fort Myers. A large group of us ate pizza while watching a classic rock tribute band. Maxwell Shin taught us a cool trick with some Christmas lights that were hanging above a bar. When someone would buzz their lips together while looking at the lights, the lights would appear to dance in a criss-crossing fashion. Pretty much everyone still has moments where they are blown away by how amazing this trip has been so far. Well, that’s it for today.

Until tomorrow.


Andrew Kondik, copywriter