It's Beach Thirty

Day Seven. We started the day in Naples, Florida on a street that looked like it housed the affluent. If I were to shoot a movie about a tropical detective, this would be the street I would film on. There was a parade for Martin Luther King Jr. today, and it was complete with a few marching bands. Chris Sheehan astutely noticed that one of the bands was out of step.

More importantly, today was beach day! Sand got everywhere. There was an ultimate frisbee game, and Dr. Jones was getting pumped playing in the soccer tournament. While I’m not really sure I watched enough to narrate the tournament, I want everyone to know that Dr. Jones made a hat trick during the game. Even I know that’s some good sports-ball. In case a post does not get written, a special shoutout to Jake Sheppard (two goals), Ryan Anderson (one goal), Mitch Dorner (one goal), Noah Hupp (one goal), Steve Korwin (one goal), Kyle Wagoner (one goal), Cameron Warland (one goal), and Dr. Jones (either three or four goals).

We finished the day with a concert at a church (what a surprise). There was a monstrous organ that encompassed the altar, and someone who was associated with the church gave us a quick tour of it. We had a packed house, and everything went well. There was an incident with someone throwing a coin into the audience, but no harm was done. There were a few miami alumni there, and someone who was in the Glee Club many years ago got on stage and sang the fight song with us. Very cool.

The best part was Erika and Milan came back for another show tonight! They enjoyed it as much as the last; as an added bonus, Milan is an orchestra director in Germany, and we’ve made arrangements to sing there with his help the following summer. Dennis Dudley arranged it after they had a quick conversation. Dennis told me he is from the Zurich area. What a great coincidence. 

Until tomorrow.