A Journey to Lake Placid

Day eight. Today started out at a very nice shopping plaza in Naples, Florida. To give you an example of how much money there is, Dennis Dudley told me a story of how they group met Lady Gaga there six years ago. The floors were encased in marble, and there were enough fountains to open a water park. The shops were all high-end, and vineyard vines shone prominently at one section of the plaza.

A few people went on an adventure while others walked around the plaza. A group of four told me they went to one of the nicest hotels they’ve ever laid eyes upon that was just a few minutes away; they went to the highest floor of the building and stared down at the city. They successfully infiltrated a different hotel and even had a few laughs in the process.

After a nice lunch and some slow walking, the group went back on the bus to our next location: Lake Placid, Florida. This town has a suburb feel to it, and the streets were empty. It kind of looked like a ghost town with nice buildings. 

Once inside the renovated church, I was amazed at how wonderful the interior looked. Everything was new, and dark blue colors met brown, leather couches. The gym held numerous chairs, and it smelled like it had just received a nice set of fresh paint. I would estimate six hundred people showed up to our concert, so scratch that earlier comment about this place being a ghost town!

We all went to our respective home-stays, and we made some memories with these nice people in their small community. I would like to wish the best to Monty, my host, and I hope he enjoyed his game of tennis today.

Until tomorrow.