Calm Before the Storm

Day nine. Today, we had a variety of activities to complete: relax, relax, and relax. First, we went to the beach, and club decided to chill in the sun, get some rays, and listen to some music on the white, sandy beaches of Siesta Key. Some people played soccer, a few people walked to get some lunch. 

After the beach, we went to a new hotel. This hotel looked like a villa that was transformed into commercial real estate. It had an affluent feel to it, and the staff were extremely friendly. Someone on their staffed thanked me profusely for throwing a banana away. Jason Tran informed me this place was originally section eight, and it burned down half-way through the construction. It would be impossible to tell that without being informed, because this place looked magnificent. It’s the kind of hotel where you worry about your bill in the morning.

After a nice, complimentary dinner at Gecko’s Bar and Grill, we went back to the hotel to do whatever we wanted. Some of us played cards, and others lounged around the hot tub and pool. A few others hit the town and went on a random adventure.

We’re at a point in the tour where friendships have been forged, and people who never talked before are now laughing and acting like they’ve known each other for years. Never underestimate the power of a group trip. It can bring people from multiple disciplines together in a way that would never be possible without it.

The following day will be full of challenges. We have three concerts, and we’ll be on the road for hours. Yes, I said that correctly: THREE CONCERTS. That’s no laughing matter. Two are in polos and one is in our tuxedo apparel. Everyone better brace themselves.

Until tomorrow.