Day at the Museum

Day 10. We started the day with two early concerts at a high school. We had one group of boys and one group of girls. For each concert, we had a Q & A session, and the kids asked some great questions. For example, they asked questions about: the audition process, the acceptance rate, major options, and campus life. I hope that some of them decide to join our school. On the other hand, that would make for quite an expensive plane trip or a long ride for breaks!

Today, the group got cultured. We visited the Ringling museum, and the Glee Club went exploring while looking at some wonderful painting and checking out a few exhibits. One of the exhibits featured a samurai exhibit. The curator of the exhibit explained to me that all of the relics were brought less than a week ago. He explained to me that the samurai kept their swords with blades facing down in order to make quick slices at a second’s notice.

Another exhibit was a house that was created by James Rudolph; it was a tiny home created in the 1950’s and the house was surprisingly spacious for only 500 square feet. The walls were designed to be lifted up, and when this happened, the house opened up more than you could imagine. You could switch between having a cave and a fishbowl, the guide explained, by simply pulling a few ropes up.

That evening, the seniors went to World of Beers for what is traditionally called senior night. Everyone had their moment to roast and toast each of the seniors, and we laughed for hours. I may be a newcomer to this group, but even I could see that brotherhood has blossomed within the eight semesters these guys share. One more day.

I’d like to finish my post with an excerpt from Maxwell Shin. Max wrote an email to the group, and I’d like to share it with you:

Glee Club,

It's 10:47pm Thursday January 21 as I start to write these words on the way to senior night. I wanted to write this email earlier in the week but I felt that it wasn't the right time until tonight. Glee club has been an amazing journey for me and I am truly grateful I have gone on winter tour all my 4 years. I have met some amazing people and it is comforting to know that when I graduate I will have over 100 people I can proudly call my brothers. For new guys, I don't think you truly realize how amazing this group is. For those not here on tour, I sincerely hope you get a chance to go at least once. A few nights ago, club performed at a church and decided to leave the doors open to see if we could attract some passing by people. When the concert started we had about 5-7 people in the audience. By the time we finished the concert, we had at least 20 people in the audience. To think that such a tremendous group could have such an impact on people. Glee Club is something special in that we have a great power and a great responsibility. It is fascinating to see how this group can be so influential to someone for a small period of time. To be able to share such passion for even just a second and then potentially never see that person ever again. How awesome is that? To know that for someone you could easily change someone's life for the better simply singing to them for such a short amount of time. Knowing that, I want to leave you with this, do good. For those gramatically inclined, yes I do mean "do well" also but that is not what I mean when I say "Do Good". Of course, we can do well, because we are an amazing group. When I say Do Good what I mean is to make a difference in someone's life. Be that person who is there for someone who is having a difficult time. Do Good in the world, be a leader, take kindness into your life and make a difference even if it is just a small act and stand up for what you believe in even if all odds are against you. Everything is impossible until someone does it for the first time. All it has to do is work once. After that, it no longer becomes impossible. To think that for just one second you could make a huge impact on someone is such an amazing thought. So, do good. Make a difference. 

 Your Brother In Song,

 Maxwell Shin

Until tomorrow.