Auditions for the 2019 Spring Semester are now on going. To sign up for an audition, please email our director, Dr.Jeremy Jones,, stating your intent to join the Men’s Glee Club.

the audition

What does the audition consist of?

  1. Singing "My Country 'tis of Thee"

  2. Minimal sight reading

  3. Vocal range and tonal quality testing

What is the rehearsal schedule and time commitment?

The MUMGC rehearses every Monday evening 6:15-7:35, and during the Tuesday and Thursday 2:50-4:10 class block. We have three major concerts in our choral year: The Fall Concert, and The Winter Concert, performed with the Miami University Collegiate Chorale, and the HOME Concert in May. Other events and performances are given notice at the beginning of the semester by the director. These include university ceremonies, naturalization ceremonies, dedications, and more. Members are expected to be at every rehearsal & performance during the year. However, exceptions will are made for special circumstances, and a certain number of absences are allowed. Prior notice must be given to the Director and Secretary as soon as made possible.


The MUMGC is a class affiliated with the College of Creative Arts within the Department of Music at Miami University. Registration for the course can either be done during student registration times if a returning member, or by the Director upon audition. Costs are assessed through the price of tuxedos, and other mandatory MUMGC attire. This cost is given to the new member upon entrance to the group by the Treasurer.

Although these fees are necessary, we never put financial ability before musical, and as such, arrangements can be made for members who may be unable to meet the costs mentioned.